Sustainability Hero


Green packaging starts with green processes.

Jlcgovernors Award

J.L. Clark is committed to creating Green Packaging – with a company-wide dedication to supporting innovative, eco-friendly processes and business systems that promote social, economic and environmental well-being. Our plants and processes have undergone a 'green' transformation that has made them among the most energy efficient, with the least environmental impact, of any in our industry. J.L. Clark's environmental initiatives have been recognized with awards on both local and national levels. 

100% Recyclable Steel

Know what the world's most recycled packaging is? The steel can. It's recycled more than glass, paper, aluminum and plastic combined! That amounts to nearly 70 million tons of recycled steel tin produced every year in just the U.S. And the U.S. steel industry is among the most efficient and environmentally progressive in the world. They've reduced greenhouse emissions per ton of steel shipped by nearly 45% since 1975, reduced energy used per ton of steel produced by 29%, and 95% of the water they use is recycled. All of which now makes it possible for J.L. Clark to use up to 100% recycled steel in all of our tin containers. 

Down-weighting makes more dollars and sense!

For over 100 years we've been the marketplace leader in developing tin containers for all types of consumer packaging. We're working continuously to 'down-weight' our tin structures wherever possible to take weight out of each container, thus making a significant impact on energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions downstream.