MacaroonsTin.jpg#asset:412Specialty packaging manufacturer J.L. Clark has won the 2012 "Best of Food Category" in the International Metal Decorators Association's prestigious "Excellence in Quality" Competition, with a metal container produced for B. Manischewitz Company, the nation's largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products.

The Manischewitz "Coconut Macaroons" tin showcases many of J.L. Clark's impressive in-house metal lithography and fabrication capabilities, according to J.L. Clark Director of Sales Mike Tolliver. "As you might imagine, Manischewitz are sticklers for print quality, particularly on a tin of this type where the full color lithography depicts not only the Macaroons contents, but a chronology of the company's amazing 125 years history," Tolliver says. "The color registration on this tin is a great example of what sets J.L. Clark apart."

J.L. Clark's previous IMDA "Excellence in Quality" winners have included a holographic popcorn tin for Houston Harvest; a Barnum's Animal Cracker tin; a commemorative Dale Earnhardt tin; and the 2011 winner – a Band-Aid® Brand Collector's Series tin.